How to Improve Printing Quality for custom candy packaging 6 Secret Tips

Having the ultimate packaging design can boost your sales. There is an increased demand for products that appeal to the customer’s heart and hence anyone who owns the candy business needs to advance their packaging design. Whilst the material of the box along with the shape is extremely essential, printing needs to be given topmost priority. The reason is that no matter what the shape is if the printing is done poorly the customer will not be able to be attracted to the box at all. Here are 6 secret tips to improve the quality of your custom candy packaging to make it most unique.

Get expert’s help

No matter what type of packaging you choose, seeking help from an expert will always be the best choice. This is no secret that they have been in the market for quite a long time and have the most experience when it comes to printing designs. You should choose a good packaging company and talk to their customer representative regarding your needs and wants. This way you can get an expert’s help while also acquire their services in a much lesser amount, which is a win-win situation.

Design according to flavor

No matter how old school this idea may seem, it always works. Whatever the flavor of your candy is, you should choose the design to be printed following the flavor. For example, if it is jelly, the shape and color of the jelly should be in line with the color and shapes printed onto the custom candy packaging.

For example, you might have noticed that custom coffee boxes are colored light and dark brown. The reason is that you need to stick to the theme and flavor of your product. In this case, the color brown most accurately represents coffee, and that is exactly the kind of printing on customizable packaging that will boost the sales ultimately.

Label correctly

The name of the candy plays a very important role in perfecting the printing designs. Always ask your packaging company to label the name correctly onto the boxes. The place where the label is put should never be in the center as it is too mainstream. Try to look for unique places like the topmost corner of the packaging. You can also use different fonts as long as it is readable.

Labeling helps the customers identify different types of candy. Identification is essential because there are a lot of candy options available in the market and you need your customers to be able to recognize yours as soon as they look at it.

Check the machinery that does printing

This idea may seem out of the blue but it is important to ask about the machinery that will be used in your printing process. Even though the market is filled with service providers that have been there for a long period, there is a high chance that the machines used are not updated at all. So it is important to ask your packaging company regarding the model f the machines to be fully aware of the kind of quality that you will get.


Talk to designers

Before making printing mockups, talk to the designer of your packaging service provider and discuss the details of your needs and wants with them. Clear and active communication goes a long way. This way you can tell them exactly what is required for your brand. The design needs to be perfect before the printing process is started.


Proof it

In the end, always cross-check the end product to ensure the quality of your customized packaging.

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