How to Earn Money on Amazon: Guide for Beginners


Amazon is an online retail giant that rakes in billions of dollars annually from multiple industries. Do you want to know How to Earn Money on Amazon. The growth of its subsidiaries, coupled with the growing demand for its e-commerce service, places the retailer in a position of exponential growth this year. If you are serious about increasing your income, Amazon has a plethora of services that you can join to earn passive income.

  1. Amazon FBA: Leverage Amazon’s infrastructure to grow your business

Short for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), this service is one of Amazon’s most lucrative affiliates. This service allows users to leverage Amazon’s supply chain infrastructure to grow their business, while focusing on inventory management, customer relations, and product marketing.

Amazon FBA allows users to access the company’s hundreds of centers to store their products. Amazon also takes care of operational aspects such as order fulfillment and logistics.

Amazon FBA allows sellers to tap into Amazon’s customer base and fulfillment centers. The service is based on a simple but effective model. You send your products to Amazon, which takes care of sorting and storage. When a customer places an order, Amazon takes care of the pickup and shipping. Without any intervention on your part. Amazon also supports returns for cases where the customer is not satisfied with the product.

Amazon FBA is suitable for both small and large sellers who want to evolve their delivery processes and their visibility on the Internet. But not all of these benefits are given to everyone.

Amazon sellers using FBA must pay a refund handling fee. Then, FBA sellers will also have to pay for FBA subscription, out of stock, storage, etc.

How Much Can You Make With Amazon FBA?

Difficult to answer this question. The amount of income you earn depends on factors such as the product line, the categories of your products, reviews, and other details of relevance.

Some products are considered hot products which tend to sell out much faster than others on Amazon. If you choose these products, your chances of making sales will increase dramatically. Remember, you will pay more storage fees for products that don’t sell out quickly.

You also need to consider the season. Umbrellas sell out faster in the rainy season, while sunscreens are popular in the summer. Try to line up the products you sell according to the current season.

  1. Amazon Associates: A High Performing Affiliate Marketing Service on Amazon

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s affiliate program. It is a simple and effective way for people to monetize their sites and blogs.

The principle is simple, each time a customer clicks on an Amazon link on your website and makes a product purchase, you receive a commission on the transaction.

The Amazon Associates program is suitable for people who have blogs and websites with regular traffic. Membership in the platform is free and the registration process is relatively straightforward.
How to join Amazon Associates

To join the Amazon Associates program, simply follow the steps below:

Create your website or blog: if you are just starting out, you must have a website or a blog. People with social media pages, apps and YouTube channels will also be able to benefit from the program.

Note that you will need to have well-defined visitors to get started in this process..

Create your Amazon Associates profile: Once registration is complete, click on “New Customer” and follow the instructions. They are simple, so you shouldn’t have a problem. Once registration is complete, you will be ready to create affiliate links and promote Amazon products.



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