Eight Great Father’s Day Tips to Get Dad And the Kids Moving

Are you the father of a youngster age 12 or younger? Due to the added time constraints of being a parent have you stopped doing many of the old sports you used to, such as biking, skiing and/or hiking?

If you answered yes to some of the above 愛嬰天地 questions, I’ve got a set of eight great tips to get you – and your kid(s) – back into action.

With Father’s Day right around the corner on June 19, consider these eight activities you can share with junior:

1. Go hiking – You can take babies who are even a couple months old on a short hike and the weight of carrying the infant will help make you stronger. Consider Ergobaby’s Performance carrier ($120) to wear the little one on your front or back. Go to ergobabycarriers.com.

2. Go biking – Once baby can sit without support (often about 8 months) start taking them biking. There are many contraptions to include baby safely on the bike trails. When your child can ride confidently on his/her own bike, put those bike helmets on and head out for a family bike ride.

If you’re looking for a fun twist on biking consider an ElliptiGo. It combines the elements of biking and running, but without the jarring impact of running or the discomforts of traditional cycling. The 3C is the perfect fitness solution for everyday fitness enthusiasts or cross-training athletes who will ride on relatively flat terrain and only require a basic range of workout resistance levels

3. Go running – There are running strollers available if you search the internet – pick what fits your sidewalks or trails you’ll be running on.

4. Set up a home gym – Teach your youngster the benefits of staying strong and fit by setting up a home gym. Even for kids in grade school or middle school it’s OK for them to do some strength training as long as they’re performing high repetitions and using light weights.

5. Build a tree house – Instead of buying a plastic pre-made backyard structure, construct your own tree house. It will be one of the most unique of all your kids’ friends and a source of pride. Search the Internet or bookstore for different ideas.

6. Play a sport – Get the baseball gloves out, or take the little one for golf lessons. These can be lifelong bonds.

7. Go skiing – OK, this won’t work this time of year but file it away for the colder months. Signing up your kid for skiing lessons even at a real young age is a lot of fun for the family.

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